1. d'frens consulting

    In 2005, d'frens was a concept to bring experiential learning through unique team building games and team building activities to organizations in India.

    As the market leader today, we have taken this unique experiential component to encompass employee engagement activities, team building, conferences and organization wide internal communication. Our success lies in our ability to understand the customer need and provide a solution that is perfectly suited, novel, engaging, thought provoking and world class.

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  2. Team Building

    Team Building

    In nine years, we have transformed team building in India. Having worked with diverse teams from the largest and best known companies in India, we have developed, created, designed and executed team building games, team building activities and workshops to address practically every learning requirement or audience engagement needs. We have successfully utilized music, creativity, innovation, movie making, car racing and many such unique concepts in our team building programs.

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  3. Employee Engagement

    Employee Engagement

    Employee Engagement should start at "home" and our programs are conceived and designed to motivate and engage each and every person right at the work place. Focused on ensuring that every employee truly believes that their workplace is a great place to be, our fun and competitive games and exercises build trust, tear down barriers, bind employees with the organization and give your teams a chance to break away from the daily grind. Our expertise is in well designed employee focused experiential campaigns, workshops, fun stations and games on the floor.

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  4. Internal Communications

    Internal Communication

    We believe that "nothing is conveyed if it isn't noticed and none of it matters if it cannot be measured". More often than not, organizations utilize a few direct mailers, posters and possibly a couple of standees to convey their message. Your policy communication or organizational values are extremely important but is it really absorbed and assimilated by the intended target audience when you do this? d'frens has successfully employed a combination of experiential and multi media approach for custom created campaigns that are measurably successful.

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