dfrens Wow Awards Team Building

2017 WOW Awards - Winner of the Year for
Corporate Team Building | Corporate Training / Education Program | On-Ground Promotion for Brand Awareness

2017 WOW Awards - Winner of the Year for
Team Building, 2 Years in a Row | Corporate Training / Education Program | On-Ground Promotion for Brand Awareness







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Engage your employees like never before. Supercharge your employer branding and internal communication with an ROE based model


Employee engagement in India is challenging. Employees think they have seen it all. They want something new. This is where we come in. Something new every time – a new perspective, a new activity, a new emotion. Importantly, a new experience.


Team Building in India is fun, engaging, scalable to any audience size and packed with learning too.


With over a 100 amazing team building activities, business simulations and conference energizers to choose from, you are always assured of an activity that can suit your requirement and budget. Perfectly.


Improve the retention of your training and learning programs through our immersive and gamified approach.


d’frens is the expert in gamified learning. We have challenged corporate training by using the power of experiential and gamified learning. Our customers have called this “the most immersive learning experience”.

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“The event was a huge success and people went back having fun and at the same time learning about the business units.”


“It’s been a tremendous experience for d’frens to lead us and set the stage for teamwork, on trusting each other, on building capabilities and pushing the limits.”


“We continue to work with you’ll, coz you’ll bring out the best….love the passion and commitment your team exhibits each and every time. Your part of the event, was fantastic….attendees loved it. Very engaging and different.”


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Our Perspective

The ‘How’ of Our Win at WoW Awards

d’frens was awarded 3 Golds at WOW Awards Asia 2017 – the largest recognition for MICE, LIVE Marketing & Entertainment Industry. We won the 3 Golds in the following categories:   Gold # 1 – Corporate training / education...

Jul 11, 2017

4 Key Takeaways from Team Building Activities

Many clients ask me about what should the takeaways from team building activities be. So here are the top 4 takeaways from team building activities based on my own experience. When selling team building programs, I don’t often get an...

Jun 20, 2017

5 Simple tips for planning your next offsite

Delhi is a hot place to live in for most part of the year. That’s probably why local organisations seek out cooler destinations for teams offsite. In any case, an offsite seems that much more exciting when you are going out of the city you live in,...

Jun 08, 2017

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