Workplace rules are changing. Employees are evolving.

The modern employee demands flexibility, growth opportunities and work-life balance.

To attract and retain talent, organisations have no choice but to adapt.

One thing that forms a major part of most organisation’s employee engagement strategy is – Team Building Activities.

Team building Workshops are a great way to keep employees engaged.

It also helps organisations convey their vision, mission and culture to employees in a fun way.

From our experience of 14 years in the industry, we’ve put together a list of the most loved team building activities.

Do try this out for your next corporate team building event.

1. Enhance your problem solving skills with Escape the Mob

Escape the Mob is mystery puzzle that all team members have to solve together.

You’re constantly on your toes in this game. You uncover clues and exchange ideas. The only way to win is by thinking outside the box.

This is a great activity if your goal is to promote collaboration and communication, while helping your employees work on their problem solving skills.

Read more about Escape the Mob here.

2. Become an efficient team player with Crowning Glory

Each team is given a few bottle crowns and some instructions. They must work together to create a mosaic artwork with it.

Can all the teams work together and create a masterpiece?

If team work is what you aim to promote, this activity is ideal for your employees.

Learn more about Crowning Glory here.

3. Encourage group learning with Harmonica Symphony

This is the most melodious of all activities.

It is the #1 music activity in India since 2014. It is also the most preferred activity of most clients at d’frens.

Enough said, right?

Do check out details about Harmonica Symphony here.

4. Learn multi-tasking while working at a Food Truck

Food Truck is a unique activity which gives your employees an opportunity to think about every aspect of setting up and running a successful business.

It is an outdoor activity ideal for a group of 50 to 300 people.

The activity lasts for 120 to 150 minutes, followed by an evaluation of the teams.

Read more about Food Truck here.

5. Witness the real power of team work with Beatworks

Beatworks is the ultimate team challenge. The only way to succeed is working together as a group.

This game teaches you:

  • The importance of working as a team
  • How to hustle together as a team
  • And finally, celebrate your success as a team.

Read more about Beatswork here.

6. Put lean management into practice with The Infinite Loop

Each member of the team enters a virtual world, one after the other.

With the help of the VR headset, they describe the virtual world to their team mates. The things they see, and the problems they sense.

The team mates in the real world have to find a solution. The only way to win is working together as a team.

Find out more about this fun activity The Infinite Loop here.

7. Encourage collaborative problem solving with Beat the Box

Looking for an activity that encourages quick thinking and team work? Beat the Box lets you do all that and more.

It is ideal for a team of 12 or more.

Find out how Beat the Box brings your employees closer.

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September 13, 2019 in Blog