d’frens was awarded 3 Golds at WOW Awards Asia 2017 – the largest recognition for MICE, LIVE Marketing & Entertainment Industry. We won the 3 Golds in the following categories:


Gold # 1 – Corporate training / education program of the year

Gold # 2 – Corporate team building activity of the year

Gold # 3 – On-ground promotion of the year for brand awareness


We won a Gold and a Silver for Corporate team building activity of the year in 2016 as well, the first year that we submitted our entries.

As we mingled with peers, clients and friends after the awards ceremony, along with the congratulatory messages came the questions on how do we do this, what’s  our secret, and so on.

Well, the secret ingredient to our winning is that there’s no secret ingredient!

Like Po, the dragon warrior, we know that to make something special, to create something unique, we individually and collectively as a team, have to believe it’s special and unique. 


This is what keeps us going so – innovating, ideating, thinking of new ways of doing something or different ways of doing an existing thing. 


This helps us in being original, in staying original and creating real experiences for our clients and for our own selves. We derive our identity from this, and our pride.

Thank you – our clients, partners and associates, and bring on your challenges and we will push our thinking to ‘make a difference’ as always!