One team. One goal
Get it right the first time

Build realistic project management skills to go beyond desired results with available resources. See how effective team building can help you deliver projects on time and with quality that will wow your customers.

Bridge The Divide

View your project from all sides of the table – self, organization, and the end-client.

Build a Jeep

Innovate to build a vehicle using just pipes. Learn to improvise with the resources you have.

Walk The Talk

Don’t just build – control all the moves of the giant puppet as your team wants.


The world’s most innovative ideas come out of this competitive activity.

Rickshaw Rally

Build a great means of transport and learn about project management and team work.

The Pyramid Challenge

Create a monument one brick at a time with your vision, planning and perfect execution.

Flatout Afloat

Will a cardboard float? With you inside it? Yes, with team work it can win a race too.

Formula Fun Racing

The highest symbol of efficiency is a well executed pit stop. Improve your team agility.