Problem solving attitude

Collaborative teams achieve 75% more

From complaint boxes to problem solvers – transform your team’s attitude. Improve the way your teams look at a problem and quickly respond to any obstacles that come on the way – big or small. 

Beat The Box

An escape room in your conference. Mystery-based highly engaging team building.

Bridge The Divide

View your project from all sides of the table – self, organization, and the end-client.

Essense of Excellence

Distilled leadership. Helps your group build consensus & identify themselves.


The world’s most innovative ideas come out of this competitive activity.

Walk The Talk

Don’t just build – control all the moves of the giant puppet as your team wants.

Two Tribes

Mix sports, collaboration, competition and win at every step – with your team.

CSI Crime

Solve a murder in 45 minutes. Know the importance of attention to detail and focus.