Two Tribes

Non-conventional sport-based team building

Engages 30-500

Competitive and collaborative



2 hrs and more

Level the playing field with our non-conventional sports. Explore the world of sports through fun, energy, and bonding – either at a team offsite, event, conference or meet.

Two Tribes is a combination of physical activities of varied intensity to bring out those endorphins. As a team building event it is competitive and a lot of fun.

Indigenous sport introduces participants to culture from across the globe. Teams take part in games that are local and understand their historical value. A highly competitive team building activity spread across multiple zones, but being new to all the participants, the playing field is levelled.

Learning something new hasn’t been more fun! Whacky rules, fresh ideas, games never played before makes Two Tribes a hugely memorable event.

Want more reasons? Here you go: 

Multiple Zones

Teams play each other spread across 5-8 different zones. Strategy, planning, recognizing each other’s skills and ownership for each sub-team make this a great outdoor team building activity

Parallel Play

No waiting, no standing around. All our team building activities ensure simultaneous engagement for all. Adds to the thrill and increases the excitement.


Everyone is playing something new, all the time! As a team building activity, two tribes is unique. It’s not exactly the olympics, it’s not tribal wars. You could say that it is what every corporate team needs.. You could say that it is what every corporate team needs


Two tribes is as much a planning and strategy based team building activity as it is sports driven. Winning teams are those that understand their own limitations and know how to utilize resources across all zones efficiently.

Key Benefits

  • Out of the box thinking
  • Non-conventional 
  • Diverse team management
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Competitive
  • Decision-making
  • Collaboration