Flat Out Pyramid

The pyramid challenge

Engages 30-700

Competitive and collaborative

Outdoor and Indoor


150 Minutes + Debrief

The ancient pyramids are a great example of Vision, Planning, Project Execution and Resource Management. Our activity sets the same challenge to teams, and allows them to experience the same learnings, but in a fun and engaging environment.

Though required to work in smaller groups, the activity culminates when each team networks and collaborates to assemble all the individual pieces to form a large pyramid. And when the larger structure finally shapes up, each team realizes that the end wouldn’t have been possible without each of their contribution. The Pyramid challenge is suitable for nearly all types of organizations who want to see the power of collaboration, and realize how positive communication, resource management and team work can aid in solving difficult challenges.

The activity can be run almost anywhere, either indoor or outdoor. Depending on the number of teams, we need to plan for adequate space and ceiling height. Besides providing ample space for messaging on its multiple sides, the Pyramid can also be branded with event-specific theme stickers. We can provide customized stickers, paints and pens so that the final structure can even be put on display at your event or workplace. The Pyramid challenge is a ‘roll up your sleeves and do it’ kind of team building activity, because of which it lists as one of our most popular sessions for large and small teams alike.

This activity challenges the concepts of competition and collaboration at the workplace. To start with, teams compete against each other to be the first to assemble their individual pyramids, before collaborating with them to solve the larger pyramid puzzle.

Knowing the final goal only makes the task breakdown easier. But to execute to perfection requires strong leadership, resource management, co-ordination and excellent  communication – all the hallmarks of a good planner.

The key to a well finished pyramid is co-ordination within each team as well as across all the various teams. This is possible only when each team realizes their contribution and performs their tasks.

Key Benefits

  • Collaborative
  • Diverse team building
  • Resource management
  • Manage priorities
  • Problem-solving
  • Planning
  • Decision-making
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Team building trading activity dfrens India