Joint Venture 4x4

Build a car team building activity

Engages 15-300

Competitive and collaborative

Outdoor or Indoor


100 Minutes + Debrief

CONSTRUCTION-BASED TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES bring out the best in teams. Division of roles, communication clarity, project management, time management and common goals are just some of the takeaways here. THE JEEP IS A COOL PRODUCT OF YESTERYEARS THAT STILL PORTRAYS TOUGHNESS, go-wherever-you-want attitude and simplicity.

Build a Car, but this is not a toy you’re going to build. This is almost the real thing. At about 80% of full size, you and your team are going to love the experience of putting together a 4X4 off-road vehicle in a short span of 100 minutes. You even get to create as many accessories as you deem fit and when you’re done with the decals and lights, you can choose to present the vehicle or race it.

Racing a car you’ve just built is usually the norm. That’s definitely an option in this “build a car” team building activity. But you have another option – you could choose to unveil your creation and present it along with all the accessories and add-ons. A corporate pitch. This changes the dynamics of the activity as well as the overall learning.

What are the takeaways from building a car in this format?

Multiple takeaways from this style of a “build a car” team building activity. Your team will learn and appreciate delegation, situational leadership, project management, quality focus, time management, thinking out of the box, creativity, presentation skills, and they’re going to have a blast during the process. The best way to learn.


Are there any risks involved?

None that you wouldn’t face even in an office environment. Sure you have to put some parts together and you will be working with scissors and measuring tools. But the worst that has ever happened during this activity is having a losing team with bruised egos. The Joint Venture 4X4 build a car team building session is completely safe for thinking adults.


Can this activity be customised to build a different car?

Definitely. But that would need a lot more time – for us. We would need to redesign, rework the plans, test it and ensure that it is possible for teams to complete this and still have fun. But yeah, we love challenges. If you want us to build a completely different car or vehicle just let us know and we’ll make it happen. We’ve custom-made many such activities for our customers. That’s what truly makes us different.


Can this be run Indoor too?

Yes, again. The Joint Venture 4X4 is perfectly doable indoor too. So if you’re planning an activity during inclement weather, then you really don’t need to worry about having a backup plan. You can build a car or 4X4 off-roader within a conference room too. We just need to ensure that we have sufficient space.


What additional support would you require?

Nothing else. You confirm the activity, the date, the venue, the number of pax. We’ll coordinate with the venue and your team. We manage all logistics, all props and we’ll also have a crew to help clear everything outpost the activity. Even if you forget to bring your enthusiasm, our expert facilitators will ensure you find it in a jiffy. Rest assured, we’ve got it covered.

Key Benefits

  • Role definition and management
  • Communication and clarity
  • Multi-team management
  • Manage priorities
  • Real-life business simulation
  • Attention to detail
  • Decision-making
  • Diverse team collaboration
  • Project management
Team building build a car activity india dfrens jeep
Team building build a car activity india dfrens jeep
Team building build a car activity india dfrens jeep