Flat out Afloat

Team building by building a boat

Engages 20-150

Competitive and collaborative

Outdoor (unless there is a large indoor swimming pool)


150 Minutes + Debrief

Building a paper boat is easy – building it using only cardboard is tougher. Having two people then row this on water is what makes it an amazing team challenge

Flat out afloat is for any team that wishes to increase trust, bonding, self belief and commitment. We can get your team to build a boat, as long as you obtain hotel permission for the usage of the pool. However, no one has refused as yet. Lots of debriefing points in this activity with great business benefits. From problem solving to team coordination, project management and precision at the work place. It’s also a riot. The focus on quality ensures teams are successful, their shift to a high quality output is immediately apparent. No second chances.

Building trust within the team is easier said than done. But there’s nothing better than having to build a boat to take the weight of two of your teammates, in water – to ensure that everyone trusts each other to do a great job. Creativity and innovation play a large role in the Flat out Afloat. Cardboard is not a medium that boat builders use and that’s what makes this “build a boat” game, that much more challenging. Your innovation comes into play here. Precise construction, proper planning, role clarity and preparation. These are but some of the characteristics that would be on display at this team building activity. Did we mention that this was a competitive activity? Brings out the best in competitive spirit when teams see their creations come to life and they can put it to the test immediately.

Key Benefits

  • Work in groups
  • Innovative
  • Multi-team management
  • Competitive
  • Real-life business simulation
  • Decision-making
  • Collaboration
Team building trading activity coffee beans
Team building trading activity dfrens India
Team building trading activity dfrens India