Walk The Talk

Build a puppet, team building activity

Engages 30-90

Competitive and collaborative

Indoor with 12 Tables (Mandatory)


120 Minutes + Debrief

The quintessence of management – Team coordination improves efficiency through integration and balancing of individual efforts.

If better team coordination is a pain point, or you’re keen to break down silos and empower teams – then you really need to Build a Puppet. A giant one. It’s the perfect team activity for showcasing how teams function and allowing them to find the simple solutions to better team coordination.

Just because you’re in a team building session, doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun. And just because you’re having fun, it doesn’t mean that you can learn. Walk the Talk (Conducted internationally as Puppet Masters) is a fun activity that brings out the best in teams and still helps you to learn.




What are the learnings from a team coordination activity like this?

Team coordination activities of this calibre are rare. Most team building activities (and we possibly have the max), focus on the construction part for coordination. Walk the talk is different. Sure, you do have to coordinate to construct. But the challenge lies in coordination when performing or showcasing. That what makes this possibly the best team coordination activity on the planet.


Which of my teams will benefit most from this activity?

Most teams will benefit from having better team coordination and the issues they face. This is usually the number one challenge. Walk the talk gives you the right perspective. It allows your team to work on a project together and then realise how literally, disjointed they can be when it comes to coordinating together.

Yup. Put all your teams through this exercise. They’ll learn. They’ll have fun.



What if it rains? or I cannot use the outdoor space?

No problemo. Walk the talk has been designed taking this into account. As long as we have a ceiling height of 11 feet, we can conduct this activity indoor. 13 feet ceiling is better. And if your group is going to be as enthusiastic as the last 200 groups we’ve had, then 15 feet might be even better. Bottom line – you don’t need a backup activity.


Can we take the puppets back to our office?

Sure you can. They’re yours. But take good care of them.

Key Benefits

  • Team empowerment
  • Breakdown team silos
  • Diverse team management
  • Team coordination
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Planning
  • Resource management
  • Project management
Better team coordination Puppet Activity Team Building India
Better Team Coordination Puppet Activity Team Building India
Better Team Coordination Puppet Activity Team Building India