Bridging the Divide

Bridge building activity

Engages 30-200

Competitive and collaborative

Indoor and outdoor


150 Minutes + Debrief

Building bridges is a metaphor. And we took it seriously. Bridging the Divide is one of those bridge building activities that will wow you. 

In this amazing activity, your team is both vendor and customer. Yes. So you get to experience both sides of the equation. You will know what it feels like to have a demanding customer and you will see your own skills, strengths and weaknesses come to the fore as you see both sides of the coin

If you’re in a role that requires any interaction with human beings, then you should try this activity. Every team is transformed by this experience. Its not just about creating a section of a bridge, its about making them to specifications laid down by peers, meeting all your deadlines and ensuring that every piece fits. The question at the end is whether you own up to the section created by you or designed by you?

How does the activity work?

Each team designs one section of the bridge and then another team executes this. May sound simple but apart from angles and heights of corresponding sections, you also have all the other aspects to consider. Will it be a cantilever, should it be a suspension bridge? Lots of dynamics as you explore both sides of the table – customer and vendor, in this bridge building activity.


My group has no Engineering background

Awesome. They don’t need any background for this bridge building activity other than having been in a situation where they interact with others. This bridge building activity is not about building a bridge as much as it is about exploring the dynamics of customer vendor relations. Lots of fun too. All the more if they don’t have any engineering background.


Am not sure if we have that much time available.

Aww. Unfortunately, this activity requires the time. We can shorten it a bit, but seriously, best done utilising all the time and exploring all the dynamics of this fun learning activity.


For whom is this?

Anyone who is in a customer facing role. Any team that has interactions with other teams. Any distributed teams. This bridge building activity is all about building the right bonds between these groups.

Key Benefits

  • Win-win relationships
  • Project management
  • Resource management
  • Manage priorities
  • Entreprenuership
  • Decision making
  • Collaboration
bridging the divide bridge building activity
bridging the divide bridge building activity
bridging the divide bridge building activity