Indoor Team Building Games

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Indoor team building games

Some of the most powerful team building activities are usually conducted indoor. Not just because of the weather. No. We’ve created business simulations and team building activities that can be conducted within a conference room or a hall. The advantage of conducting indoor team building games is that you have a own controlled environment that can be tweaked for theme, ambience as well as learning.

The Options

The options we’ve created or licensed for Indoor team building games are numerous. From pirate-themed negotiation activities, cricket-based change management/strategy games to coffee-trading games, we’ve done it all. But the best and the most popular are based on creativity. The Big Picture, where teams come together to collectively sketch and paint without really knowing what the final artwork will be, but only trusting their teams to do their parts to the best. And Actuator, where teams will work together to build a Rube Goldberg style machine.

Essence of Excellence

Distilled leadership. Helps your group build consensus & identify themselves.

Bean Around the World

Explore the world of coffee trading and learn business plus  negotiation skills.

Need for Speed

Assemly line effeciency. Team biulding for compliance, audits and collaboration.


The world’s most innovative ideas come out of this competitive activity.

The Big Picture

Collaborate to create, step back to see the big picture. A must for teams to see perspectives.

Beat The Box

An escape room in your conference. Mystery-based highly engaging team building.

Bridging The Divide

View your project from all sides of the table – self, organization, and the end-client.

CSI Crime

Solve a murder in 45 minutes. Know the importance of attention to detail and focus.

Drum Circle

Feel the rhythm and share the energy with your teams in this supremely versatile activity.

Boom Time

Innovative music energizer for conferences. Start your conferences on a high-note.


Group singing, moderated by professionals. Overcome your weakness when in team.


Break your internal barriers and learn something awesome in just 45 minutes.

Symphony of Peers

Reach the pinnacle of team work and be a well orchestrated and an efficient unit.


Work like a percussion and realize how much you could contribute in the final piece.

Build a Jeep

Innovate to build a vehicle using just pipes. Learn to improvise with the resources you have.

Power Play

Game on! India’s favourite sport as a business simulation. Same fun and same energy.