Samba Drum circle

Engages 15-800

Fully collaborative

Indoor and outdoor


45-60 Minutes + Debrief

PERCUSSION-BASED TEAM BUILDING works great for any group, and Beatswork is fun and unique. IT’S ALSO IDEAL IF YOU’VE ALREADY DONE A DRUM CIRCLE and wish to try out something better.

If you’ve experienced a drum circle before then you should graduate to Beatswork. It’s one of the most fulfilling percussion activities available. And we should know, we do more percussion and music activities than anyone else in the country.

Beatswork is for everyone. It divides you into five groups and then shows you how you can maintain your own identity and still contribute so much that the final piece is shallow without you. It brings out collaboration and it pumps you up. It’s more than a samba drum circle.



What seating is required for this style of drum circle?

No seating required. Give us open space, please. It works best under these conditions as we can get the group to move, dance, enjoy and be a samba band.

I've already done a drum circle

Great. And you possibly enjoyed it. If your question is whether beatswork is just a samba drum circle or similar to what you’ve done, then the answer is no. Consider this as an upgrade. You’ve done the basic version, now you have something better.


Will you use same drums as in Drum Circle?

Nope. In a drum circle we use african djembes. In Beatswork, we use five different latin percussion instruments to create a batucada bateira. Think of it like a samba drum circle but its not like anything you’ve experienced. Yes, percussion is involved. But they are so dissimilar that you might as well compare a car horn to a trumpet. God forbid !


I don't have 60 minutes, can we do this in 20?

Oh no. It’s like trying to make biryani within 15 minutes. Neither the cook nor the people who are being served will enjoy it. This is a great experience. You might as well cut out two slides from a presentation and include this activity for the full 60 mins. Guaranteed that a year later, people will still remember the activity and not the slides. 

Key Benefits

  • Energizer
  • Engagement
  • Individuality
  • Networking
  • Team work
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration
samba drum circle beatswork india
samba drum circle beatswork india
samba drum circle beatswork india