Drum Circle

The best conference engagement activity

Engages 20-5000




30-45 Minutes


It still remains our most popular activity and we use it in Team Building, Employee Engagement, Annual Days, Family Days, and various other scenarios. Use it to build energy, infuse enthusiasm and reboot the group. The drum circle is supremely versatile. It’s not just a drumming activity. It’s group harmony and synergy. It builds bonds and is extremely entertaining too. Nothing to make your conference a huge success like including a drumming activity. Unless you’ve already done it before, in which case – we’ve got many more options.



Can we weave our company messaging into your drum circle?

Totally. We do this regularly. In fact, we recommend it. Most other companies offering to do a drum circle are likely to push this as a pure entertainment act. Chances are that you will enjoy but forget. When you do a drum circle with d’frens, we make it entertaining, engaging (by ensuring that your participants are the stars rather than our drummers) and we also ensure that your event messaging is brought out through the drum circle. You’ll see the difference.


When should I use the drum circle?

Anytime during the day you want to. It fits in anytime, anywhere and for anyone. Use it as an icebreaker, a team building activity, to identify personality styles, as a mass audience engagement tool or just to infuse energy.


What do you need after confirmation?

We have the drums and we manage our logistics. So just tell us the time, date, venue and number of participants. If your event is in a location where we don’t have local facilitators, then we need to consider the travel arrangements and transport of material – but our team can take care of all these. In a nutshell, we’ve got it covered. Chill.


What Impact can a Drum Circle or drumming activity have on my group?

You’re kidding, right?

An interactive drumming activity – or at least the one that we do: builds energy, confidence, relieves stress, unifies the group, gets everyone in sync, drives a common purpose, celebrates success and leaves the group with a great sense of accomplishment. And that’s only a part of it. Oh yeah…. it’s impactful!

Can I keep the Drum after the drumming activity?

Oops, you’re possibly confusing this with our Harmonica Symphony where the participants get to keep the instrument.

But it is not unheard of. If you would like to gift each of your delegates a full-sized drum or possibly hand out miniature drums with your branding, then it is definitely do-able. Let us know and we can take you through the options. However, under normal circumstances, we come there, conduct this amazing drumming session for you, wow the crowd, shake a few hands and then we pick up all our drums and leave.

Key Benefits

  • Interactive
  • Collaborative
  • Builds energy
  • Relieves stress
  • Unifies the group
  • Identify personality traits
  • Mass audience engagement
dfrens Drum Circle Infographic - Team Building
drum circle drumming activity team building drum jam drum cafe dfrens india
drum circle drumming activity team building drum jam drum cafe dfrens india
drum circle drumming activity team building drum jam drum cafe dfrens india