Team building for leadership

Engages 9-60


Indoor with Tables


75 Minutes + Debrief

Crescendo is motivating, experiential and highlights the importance of coaching and practice for success -perfect team building for leaders.

Crescendo is extremely motivational as it enables your group to take up a challenge collectively. One that is seemingly impossible. Violins  are not the easiest instruments to play, but then that’s what defines and correlates the uniqueness of the instrument to that of the leadership team. It’s for groups that are looking for something exclusive, unique, challenging and inspirational. This is perfect team building for leaders.

When a group believes in itself and can learn together, the task is simplified manifold. Your leaders have possibly been through various “team building for leaders” situations and might claim to have “seen it all”. Crescendo changes this perception and is one of the most memorable activities you can experience.


For whom is this activity?

Crescendo is for your leaders and your privileged customers. It’s the pinnacle of experiential engagement. It’s team building for leaders and those who have achieved or wish to achieve more.


Is this team building activity impactful for leaders?

Crescendo is extremely impactful. Not just as team building for leaders but in the learning and awareness. It showcases how groups can learn from each other, help each other to succeed, and revel in the achievement – when they have a single non-competitive goal.


Can we complete this in a shorter duration?

We need 15-30 minutes to complete the set up and a minimum of 60 minutes to effect the transformation and change in your leaders through this unique activity. If you truly are looking to provide one of the greatest experiences in team building for leaders, then allow for more time. They will sound that much better.


Can Crescendo be conducted anywhere?

As this is a team building activity with musical instruments, we would recommend and suggest that this is only conducted indoor. We can work with your event company to help create the perfect ambiance for your event. We usually conduct Crescendo in the ballrooms of City Hotels and we have conducted this in all the major cities in India for some of the best-known organisations.

Key Benefits

  • Motivational
  • Challenging and inspirational
  • Team building for leaders
  • Manage priorities
  • Perception changing
Team building for leaders, crescendo violin dfrens india
Team building for leaders, crescendo violin dfrens india
Team building for leaders, crescendo violin dfrens india