Essence of Excellence

Team building activity with perfumes

Engages 10-80

Competitive and collaborative

Indoor with Tables


120 Minutes + Debrief

A unique teambuilding activity created around “perfume making” but essentially helps your group identify themselves.

A unique team building activity, for business leadership groups and strategic planning teams, is created around “perfume making”. This game essentially fosters team work, consensus building and groups identifying themselves. Essence of Excellence is unique and innovative both as a leadership activity and as a team building exercise. Not just that, it allows teams to get instant feedback on their efforts.

Key aspects include:

Prioritize Of all the characteristics of leadership, know what makes your team tick and what keeps you there

Unique Capture the key characteristics of your team in a bottle – much like a genie.

Identify Core Competencies Although this is a fun activity, your leaders will be able to identify their core competencies and key attributes.

Business Simulation Essence of excellence is a great team building simulation for any group of business leaders looking to introspect.

Key Benefits

  • Prioritize
  • Identify core competencies
  • Leadership introspection
  • Strategic planning
  • Instant feedback
  • Builds innovation
  • Decision making
  • Collaboration
Team building trading activity coffee beans
Team building trading activity dfrens India
Team building trading activity dfrens India