Team Building through Business Simulations

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Business Simulations

Business Simulations, activities or games provide your teams the opportunity to really learn through a fun engagement. Primarily focused on building team skills and learning at the managerial and leadership levels, these set of team building activities are customized for the Indian Corporate and the true business situations they face on a regular basis.

The options

Our set of business simulations are tailored for the Indian corporate. From change management, entrepreneurial skills, customer satisfaction, strategic planning, negotiation, trade, weighing risks vs rewards, building on customer / vendor relationships and also collaborative team work. The business simulations we’ve showcased here range from indoor white water simulations, trading, to cricket manager games.

Essense of Excellence

Distilled leadership. Helps your group build consensus & identify themselves.

Bean Around the World

Explore the world of coffee trading and learn business plus  negotiation skills.

Need for Speed

Assemly line effeciency. Team biulding for compliance, audits and collaboration.

Power Play

Game on! India’s favourite sport as a business simulation. Same fun and same energy.

Trade Winds

Learn core skills of negotiation, building win-win relationships and long-term strategy.