We may act blasé about winning after getting some 8 awards in the last 15 months alone, but each of us at d’frens cherishes every one of these awards as they are a testament to the sweat and hard work that has gone into making that experience special.  

People engagement is challenging. I know we make it look effortless but whether it is engaging with a group of 15 senior leaders who have been there, done that or with a group of 800 techies with a very small attention span, the challenges are many. However the journey from the moment you actually get their attention to the end when you know that they are going back with a memorable and unique experience, makes it worth it.

Winners are not the ones who never fail, but the ones who never quit.

This is the mantra that defines us at d’frens. To innovate, to ideate, to think out of the box till we create the best solution for our clients, be it team building, employee engagement or experiential learning. At the EEMAX Spotlight Awards, we won The Best team Building Company award, both Gold and Silver!

Gold: For an inhouse ‘escape room’ that we built for Google, during their Allo product launch in September 2016. See Video

Silver: For our Symphony of Peers, a musical extravaganza with different instruments like the harmonicas, flutes, violins and acapella singing that we ran for entire team of Bestseller, the fashion brand. See Video

Gold: For The Best Guest Engagement Technology for Catalyst Global’s Chase the Sun, a great activity for engaging with globally dispersed teams. See Video

We can’t thank you enough for the tremendous love and support you’ve showered on us since years. We dedicate these awards to your feedback and encouragement.

Do you want us to create an experience that will win you an award in Team Building and Employee Engagement? Reach out to us now. Our team is bursting with ideas…