Many clients ask me about what should the takeaways from team building activities be. So here are the top 4 takeaways from team building activities based on my own experience. When selling team building programs, I don’t often get an opportunity to experience it as a participant. That changed last month during our own company offsite and it has further reinforced my strong belief that team building is extremely important and critical for any organisation and any team irrespective of size or industry. 

In three team building activities over 2 days, I had great fun bonding with my own team and the teams from Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore. I also got great insights into everyone I worked and interacted with during the course of the event. 

I am absolutely certain that’s exactly what happens to everyone who participates in a team building activity.

So here you go. Here are a few takeaways that are common to any type of an activity – a construction challenge, a creative task, a music session, a business simulation or a hunt or mystery.

Key Takeaways from Team Building Activities


#1 – Understanding personalities

On a day to day basis, we get so caught up in our defined roles and responsibilities that we tend to categorise our colleagues and our own selves into these slots. A team building activity forces us to see our colleagues in a different light, some flattering and some not so flattering. It gives us an understanding of how to work with and around each others personality traits. This is, in my opinion, very critical to having a good team dynamic. Truth is, that there’s only so much that any individual can change. Instead of lamenting about how one should be more detail oriented, less nitpicking, more approachable, you figure out how to work with that individual, fine-tuning your approach to their personality.

#2 – Innovation / Thinking out of the box

Definitely the place where you see how to do things differently, challenge the norm, try out untested waters and look at problems or challenges with a set of new eyes!


#3 – New found respect for each other

Team building activities often expose us to skills and strengths in our colleagues that we probably hadn’t known earlier. Also in the case of people whom you don’t see everyday or whom you interact with only via email/phone, you tend to have an image of them which could either not be true or inaccurate. These interactions dispel all such misconceptions and enable us to respect and appreciate our colleagues for the different and/or unique skills they bring to the table.


#4 – Bigger picture

This is possibly the key element of all team building activities whereby one understands that it is not a one man show. We need each other equally to achieve common goals and focus on the big picture not just our individual objectives.


Ultimately, team building activities go a long way in building camaraderie, trust and communication between the participants and creating a sense of belonging. Do write your takeaways in the comments box below.