Popular team building activities for the millennials

Oscar D'Silva

Oscar D'Silva

Director, d'frens

team building activities for millennials

Popular Team Building Activities for the Millennials

Irrespective of how enthusiastic the speaker is, a talk on “The importance of working as a team”, is not the most inspiring or effective way of getting the millennials to work as a team. And no, we do not recommend that as a team building activity for the young, middle age or old generation, in any way! So, then, you may ask, what are the activities that we do recommend?

As I had touched upon in a previous post on How Millennials Learn, the younger generation loves being involved and experiencing all that they may have seen or heard already. Here are the team building activities that millennials love:

Treasure Hunts

An all-time favorite that every college graduate would have been a part of, or seen, during their college days. Treasure hunts are a great way to bring people together to collaborate, communicate and make decisions quickly and effectively as a group. By bringing in digital elements, with a smartphone; or a local flavor to the hunt, the hunt can be made educative and immersive. Hunting for hidden treasure is a proven winner.

Community Outreach

A day out to an underprivileged school or village, helping the children there with simple lessons in cleanliness and sanitation, or sports activities is a super way of building camaraderie. Millennials will see how they can make an immediate difference in the world. The impact that they can have with each other, touching children’s lives is a lesson that will remain with them for a long time.

Rickshaw Rally

Human-pulled rickshaws or even cycle rickshaws are fast becoming relics of the past, at least as far as millennials are concerned. I can see my niece laughing at the suggestion of a cycle rickshaw as a means of commute: “Who goes in that nowadays?” Get them involved in building one and make it competitive with a race to the finish with other teams. If this does not imbibe collaboration and teamwork, nothing will.

The Big Picture

My daughter loves painting and coloring. In her mind, all that she paints is beautiful. This feeling of pride in our painting or creativity remains with us right through our lives. Exploit this pride and joy by getting the group involved in a painting activity that will see them come together and produce a grand canvas that they can be truly delighted with. Known to be the most popular team activity, it is sure to touch a chord with the child in every heart!

Drum Circle

Along with painting, easily one of the arts that we are all proud of. Music. Each one of us, millennials included, pride ourselves on the budding musicians that we are. Be it in the bathroom setting, or in our own minds, no one can take away the hidden talent in us! Bring this pride and talent to the fore in a Drum Circle. Watch how the energy levels explode and get the team talking about it for days and weeks to come. This activity is great for unifying a group and identifying personal traits.

A Game Challenge

If time and budgets are a constraint, an easy option to inculcate collaboration and teamwork is to throw a challenge to the Millennials. Ask groups of 4-5 team members to devise a team activity for an hour every week that the entire team can participate in. Seek feedback from all teammates on the efficacy and enjoyment of each of the activities. At the end of a month, you would have had 4 team building activities and fostered competitiveness, collaboration, and decision making!

There can be many more activities that indulge and stimulate a group of the younger generation. Feel free to reach out to me, to discuss more!