People are our most valuable assets. Do you really mean it?

Srikanth Murthy

Srikanth Murthy

Director, d'frens

Employee engagement is our favorite subject and something that we have been hearing for a long time now is that “people are our most valuable assets.” Most of us have been saying it too. But, do we really mean it? Let’s check.

Here’s a question:

Do you have a documented Employee Engagement Strategy?

I don’t mean elaborate policies, processes, and principles. Nor am I referring to the employee satisfaction or employee happiness initiatives that are discussed and decided in the boardroom. 

Myth buster alert: Employee engagement is not the same as employee satisfaction or employee happiness.

I’m talking about a simple checklist that brings focus:

Do you have:

  • Definition of what employee engagement means in your organization
  • Employee engagement goals for the quarter, year
  • A robust method for you to measure employee engagement
  • Annual employee engagement calendar based on the type of personas in your organization
  • Communication to employees on what the employee engagement plan for the year is
  • Chief employee experience officer (optional, but according to us, great to have!)

More than 74% of the companies that I’ve spoken to do not have the above in place. Given this, I am not surprised that only 13% of employees are fully engaged globally (Gallup 2017). Instead of working on these basics, we end up focusing on flash mobs or song and dance at the workplace, campfires at the offsites, ethnic dress days, etc. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that these aren’t good; it’s only that without clear objectives, such activities don’t mean much.

It’s no wonder that the employee engagement is turning out to be a world hunger problem.

Many congratulations if you’ve checked all the above points. I am happy to see that your intent is in place.

If you haven’t, defining employee engagement is a good place to start. Look out for my next blog where I will talk about defining employee engagement and the elements of employee engagement strategy.

As always, happy to hear your thoughts.