Engagement needs to be effective and wholesome when employees are away from their desks and cubicles. d’frens designs, constructs, plans and executes turnkey events to engage the employees outside the office space. These modules are more active in nature and thrive on high energy and participation. Some of our popular programs are:

The Sports Festival

At d’frens, we believe that all employees should have equal opportunity to participate in any program. Our set of non-conventional sports level the playing field while allowing the masses to participate.  For ex: The indoor cricket program is a competitive tournament that engages not just the men but a large number of women employees as well. Run inside cafeterias, the game’s whacky rules brings out workplace energy like never before.

Annual Days and Family Days:
d’frens designs modules that cater to the varying nature and demography of employees and their families. Our family-friendly engagement games that are fun, energize and involve are best suited for annual days and family days. Our programs are completely scalable and can engage a large numbers of employees simultaneously

Kids Days:
For your next ‘Bring your kids to work’ day, ask d’frens for ideas. Our kid friendly activities cover the age groups of six and above and are designed to deliver fun, creativity & innovation while generating interest in their parent’s work and workplace.