Family & Work-life Balance

Engagement Beyond Work

Work-life balance is a widely misunderstood concept and hence corporates are still finding it challenging to address it the right way. At D’frens we cracked the code and deal with it differently. For us work-life balance is about getting the right experience. Best experiences should not stay within the four walls of the office. They should go beyond and take a larger shape of pride with family and friends. We do just that. Our activities not only engage employees, but also deeply touch the families who play such a key role in employee contribution at work. This is engagement squared as this gives a great opportunity for the families to network together and create a little community of their own. Here is how we do it.

true "experience" has no boundaries



families are still the important source of energy for employee performance

Work-life balance - D'frens employee engagement

Fun at Work

d’frens is a leader in designing long term engagement programs with floor activities. We will work with your Communications and HR teams to design programs that will make your employees know what it really means to be engaged at work. Our games and activities are custom designed for each engagement and targeted at individual participants, small teams and larger groups. The activities include, quizzes, workshops, floor activities, online games and many more.
Work-life balance - D'frens employee engagement

Online Team Building Games and Quizzes

Online games is a great way of engaging your employees without having to worry about the cost of scaling your initiative. d’frens has designed and deployed numerous online initiatives that have engaged employees in multiple geographies and time zones. We know that being a part of a large organization has its own challenges, but when it comes to engaging all your employees in different cities, leave the ideation and execution to d’frens.
Work-life balance - D'frens employee engagement

Family Days

We can make your next family day a block buster to remember for a long time to come. Though our expertise lies in designing games and engagement activities for all family members, we have years of experience in ideating and choreographing your employee performances, event and venue management and the giveaways for your employees.
Work-life balance - D'frens employee engagement

Kids at Work Days

From themed experiences to parent-child tag team activities to play areas, d’frens can manage it all. Some of our recent work involved children designing life sized dragons, assembling box kart cars, lego block play offs, tree planting drives, toy design and assembly programs among others.