Leadership Connect

Engage the influencer - the manager

Building a connect with the manager is a critical element of any engagement program. We truly believe in this mantra. While we design all programs for managers and their employees, there are circumstances when either party is missing. For teams, that need a specific intervention, we have custom designed programs, just for them.

enabling the managers connect with the organization first.


influencing the manager is the fastest way to team motivation

Team Building Programs

d’frens is the expert in team building interventions for organisations across the country. Whether at offsite’s or even just an all hands meet, we have really creative ideas to engage your employees in learning programs. Activities range from ice breakers to communication sessions to project management programs.

Business Simulation Games

We have more than 10 business simulation games that can highlight the right messages for teams in need of an alternate learning methodology. Designed to focus on the experience, our internationally acclaimed games are generally closed with a detailed learning and debrief. So, if you are looking at enhancing strategy skills, project management tricks, running a business or a sports team, or just focused on business negotiations, we have programs suited for your needs.

Custom Floor Engagement for Teams

Do you want to engage everyone at your workplace for a longer period of time? We have custom designed programs made of shorter duration team building interventions. These are designed to engage managers with their teams, highlight key areas of concern within the teams, impart learning in an experiential and more engaging manner and also allow for better connect with the organization. We can run these programs at your workplace.