Health and Wellness


Health and wellness programs have lost track with the overdose of expensive gym memberships, reward programs et al that lure and force employees to avail them. We believe there are more creative and fundamental ways to help employees adopt a healthy lifestyle to create an even healthier office environment. We create wellness by helping employees experience the benefits of being healthy. Here is how we do it.

only "experience" can show what a healthy body and mind can achieve



don’t just ask your employees to be healthy. show them how to do it.

Health and Wellness - Dfrens Employee Engagement

Desktop Yoga

A new age workshop for fitness and exercise. This explains basic exercises to be practiced at desks and also talks about risks of leading a sedimentary lifestyle. Topics, such as correct postures to use during work, tips on nutrition for a healthy life style and the right way of eating are covered.
Health and Wellness - Dfrens Employee Engagement

Grooming Sessions

An individual with a pleasing personality is respected and appreciated by all. Dressing formally not only reflects the self image but also the organization’s. Corporate dressing teaches an individual to dress according to the organization culture. An effective image of your employees brings in multiple benefits like better brand image, enhanced employee morale and increased trust of clients and people in general. This includes training your employees in corporate grooming, etiquette and communication skills.

Health and Wellness - Dfrens Employee Engagement

Floor Walks

Every company would have initiatives and activities for the employee’s health and wellbeing. The challenge is communication. We use on-floor activities to effectively communicate through an experiential activity and strongly bring out the message. We even do a debrief at the end of the activity to share the feedback.