Employer Branding & Communication


It’s a bit of a contradiction that over 70% of employees want to know what is happening in the organization. But, the same ones don’t even respond to your emails, posters and all forms of communication. Then, how do you do a great employer branding. Perhaps, you are not talking in their language. The communications industry has gone through a 360-degree change and the old ways don’t cut it anymore. With super diversified employees, one size fits all doesn’t work anymore. While its easier said than done, we have a simpler and different approach of understanding the persona and communicating what employees want. Here is how we do it.

communication doesn't need to happen through emails and posters. it can be "experience" too



all employees want to know what’s in it for them first, and then the rest.

employer branding - dfrens employee engagement

Making Referrals Work

Our experiential activities and custom communication influences employees to actively participate and refer the right talent. These activities create good word of mouth amongst employees and increase the percentage of submissions.

employer branding - dfrens employee engagement

Celebrate Innovation and Quality at Workplace

We add a touch of newness to the experience. Our innovative activities simulate the customer situations with a fun element. Our programs challenge employees to build something new that is fun, creative, competitive and collaborative. Finally, the artifact shall act as a great reminder even post the event.

employer branding - dfrens employee engagement

Good Word of Mouth Around Company Policies

We can surely add some zing to ensure the policy communication is more fun and at the same time gets across the message strongly. It is very simple, add the experiential magic and it will meet your campaign objectives. With d’frens, your employer branding will be at its best.

employer branding - dfrens employee engagement

Creative Campaigns

The spice in our communication design is the campaign communication – Pre-event to post event interventions. We brainstorm every little thing recommend and a unique channel of communication that is more effective for you. Audio visuals, eDM, offline collateral, keepsakes and mementoes all bolster the campaign by raising recall and generating significant interest. d’frens specializes in fresh ideas for creative communication – white board animations, cool infographics, social media branding, or bespoke mobile apps all bring zing to our campaigns and make the d’frens. We work with a wide range of expert partners to offer you the latest techniques and methods to increase recall, stickiness, and efficacy of your communication.