Culture and Values

Connect with the purpose first, then the paycheck.

The employee engagement battle is always between the paycheck and the purpose. You and we know how important culture and values are for the success of the employee and hence the organization. But truth be told, a dry session or a less humane PowerPoint presentation is not going to make employees connect with the values. Culture and Values are best adopted by experiencing them. That’s what we do. We help your employees experience the true meaning behind your culture and values. Here is how we do it.

let the employees "experience" your culture and values


no one ever imbibed values through PowerPoint presentations

Culture and Values - d'frens Employee Engagement

Interactive Theatre

A great communication medium to enable employees self explore your values and culture in an engaging way. We have created various street plays, based on diverse themes that can be deployed in a road show format. These theatre shows are designed to engage employees in an impromptu manner ensuring a more meaningful and powerful experience.

Culture and Values - d'frens Employee Engagement

Art and Large Format Games

We have several large format engagement ideas and events that can involve thousands of employees at the same time. In many of our client engagements, we’ve designed a large canvas based art project that engaged all employees in a single activity. This ensured a memorable communication of culture and values. 

Culture and Values - d'frens Employee Engagement

Custom Designed Floor Walks and Games

This is one of our core strengths. Ever since our inception we have designed and deployed floor games that can truly capture the essence of your core values, culture or any other critical organization wide initiatives such as – diversity, inclusiveness, gender sensitivity, risk and security. We really understand employees and have the skills to roll out nation wide campaigns that truly work.

Culture and Values - d'frens Employee Engagement

Online Games

For organisations who are looking for employee engagement options that can easily scale across the country or even outside, we can design and host a series of fun games aligned with your values. From treasure hunts to multi level challenges to quizzes, we have designed them all for numerous customers.