The Catalyst Global network will mark the world’s first 24-hour continuous team building treasure hunt on December 12

As the holiday season approaches, d’frens and 40 other Catalyst Global partners around the world  are coming together to mark the season of giving through the world’s first 24-hour continuous corporate team building treasure hunt, Go Give.

On December 12, Catalyst Global partners – the world’s largest network of team building providers – will follow the sunrise around the globe, kicking off the day in each time zone with Go Give, one of Catalyst Global’s unique Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team building activities.

We are enormously proud to be a part of this global Go Give event, bringing together one of Catalyst Global’s most popular events, Go Team, and the global business giving initiative, Buy1GIVE1 (B1G1). The team at d’frens is looking forward to participating in this fun team building activity that we see our client’s participate in across India every day, now it’s our turn!

On the day, the d’frens teams will race against the clock to complete a series of treasure hunt challenges featuring trivia, photo and video in 3 key locations in India – Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi.  B1G1 enables teams to select a specific B1G1 project they would like to support through each challenge.

Go Give was developed by Catalyst Global to provide a team building activity that could also maximize the joy of giving through giving together.

“This is great news for organisations wanting to boost employee happiness. Capitalising on this collective giving concept though a consistent, genuine CSR program is a win-win solution,” said Esther Daniel, Head of Marketing at Catalyst Global.

Catalyst Global’s around-the-world Go Give event can be followed on social media through the hashtag: #GoGiveLikeUs

Then, consider how your team can experience the joy of giving. Go Give together. Book a Go Give for your organisation’s next team building event. And yes, you can do that anywhere in India and across 42 countries.