d’frens emerges a big winner across Team Building Awards, 2017 with its millennial-friendly gamified immersive experienceapproach

“Gamified Immersive Experience approach based on multiple-intelligences was used to build long-lasting employee engagement, team bonding and leadership connect within over 1000 organizations”


Bangalore, Nov 08, 2017d’frens, India’s top people engagement company, announced that it has won multiple awards under the team building company of the year category for its experiential approach to team building and employee engagement. The approach enabled several companies to inspire their employees, unify teams while creating a deep connection with the organization’s vision. The prestigious team building and employee engagement industry awards were given by e4m BW Applause, a Business World property, Events and Entertainment Management Association Spotlight Awards and WoW Awards. These awards recognize innovation and measurable gains delivered for experientially engaging audiences and building teams.


Companies in India are facing a huge engagement crisis resulting in rising attrition, reducing engagement rates, and rapid drop in productivity, especially with the millennials. The gamified immersive experience approach, built over a decade, transforms engagement into a memorable experience that focuses on people learning or understanding based on doing. Gamification makes the experience repeatable with customized scenarios and immersion is based on using multiple-intelligences (MI) like musical, kinesthetic, analytical for e.g. Any solution that is designed and delivered with “Gamified Immersive Experience” makes the engagement total and complete with very high retention of the message.


WoW Awards, 2017:

  • Gold – Corporate Training / Education Program of the Year
  • Gold – Corporate Team Building Activity of the Year *
  • Gold – On-ground Promotion of the Year for Brand Awareness

*d’frens took Gold and Silver for the Corporate Team Building Activity of the Year in 2016 as well.

 EEMA Spotlight Awards, 2017:

  • Gold – Best Team Building Company
  • Silver – Best Team Building Company
  • Gold – Best Guest Engagement Technology

e4m BW Applause Awards, 2017:

  • Gold – Best experiential use of venue for social event
  • Bronze – Best product launch event and activation


Esther Daniel, Head of Marketing & Partner Engagement at Catalyst saidd’frens focuses on enabling their clients to win first at the workplace and then conquer the marketplace. This recognition of d’frens is a great testimony of their commitment to outcome-based engagement solutions which deliver measurable results to their clients. The Gamified Immersive Experience proves that engaged employees directly attribute to organization’s growth.


Oscar DSilva, Director at dfrens saidAll employees desire and deserve to be deeply engaged with their organization to deliver the best. While the needs of millennial employees have changed, the engagement modes have pretty much remained the same leading to ~74% of disengaged employees across industries. Our immersive experience approach and IPs enabled us to design engagement and team building solutions that are memorable and measurable. We are honored to have been recognized by EEMAX, Applause and WoW for the experiences we deliver to our clients.”


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About dfrens

d’frens, India’s most award-winning people engagement company, delivers incredibly inspiring employee experiences through team building, employee engagement and gamified learning solutions for customers who want to connect better with their employees. In the last 12 years, d’frens has delivered hugely engaging experiences to over 1000 clients, a million employees, across 100 locations, at 10000 events and through 200+ custom built engagement activities. d’frens carries the largest number of IPs in team building and employee engagement programs in India.

The pioneers who brought the concept of group, collective drumming (Drum Circle) to India, their partnership with Catalyst Global, a network of leading team building providers from over 40 countries around the world, gives them strategic visibility, operational ease, and access to thousands of globally renowned and proven engagement activities.


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