What a fabulous day at Inventicon 2018, lndsummitindia.

With the best L&D minds putting things in perspective at Inventicon, the first day of the summit made for an interesting event. When our country is on stride to hit its economic numbers, and as the nation becomes younger (median age of working adult in 2020 expected to be 27), and as analytics and gamification continue to be the hot topics in the learning space, the message was also clear that the organization has to retain it’s intrinsic human character.

Coaching, Soft skills, team skills, Leadership are all human processes – requiring human interaction and decision making. No organization can do away with these core development processes, or think of replacing these with machines or automation.

Rituraj Sar, Global L&D head for Lupin Pharma kicked off the session with some fantastic insights on how to get your leadership onto your side. The message was simple – How can L&D show impact, value, and growth.

Suchitra Rajendra, CHRO of Pepsico had some interesting concepts on how the company’s L&D is making an impact on talent retention by encouraging employees to undergo stints in other companies, so they can learn and bring back best practices.

Nikhil Chadha, Director L&D at Flipkart was on next with his push for leaders to take on coaching roles and how it is a rewarding experience for both the giver and the recipient.

And the final pick of the lot was Aniraban Banerjee from Adani Ports, who stressed on the importance of sport based learning programs, and how it made a difference for him personally. The passion in his presentation couldn’t be matched by anyone in the room. He made for a fantastic advocate for teamwork from play.

All in all, an exciting day, and team d’frens looks forward to day 2 when the focus will be on measuring RoI and where L&D professionals focus on what they want from training partners.