Surge Your Engagement Run-Rate with Ultimate Cricket-Based Team Building

Be Different

Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo

See how the Kolkata Knight Riders Bonded

dfrens Team Building Cricket 3
dfrens Team Building Cricket 3
dfrens Team Building Cricket
dfrens Team Building Cricket

Gully Cricket

Your own mega IPL, but with a difference

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Gully Cricket - Best Engagement Activity for the IPL Season

Boardroom, cafeteria, terrace, campus – you can play this anywhere. Set your own rules and bond like never before. Gully cricket can engage thousands of employee directly and indirectly across your offices in India. You can even have a corporate Gully Cricket challenge.

Gully Cricket Rules

  • Eight member team
  • Each team to have at least two women
  • One tip one hand catch out
  • One touch one run
  • First ball trials

Any many more exciting rules.

Power Play

Cricket with Strategy, Team Building and Loads of Fun

dfrens Powerplay - dfrens employee engagement

Power Play - Strategy Based Cricket Team Building

Power Play is not your average sport or cricket team building activity. It’s designed for thinkers and doers. It doesn’t matter whether you know Cricket or not, this activity is just as engaging for a Cricket novice as it is for a passionate veteran. As a team building activity, it checks all the points. Strategy, change management, playing to your skills, competitive analysis, risk vs reward and more.

Power Play Engagement

  • Engages 20 – 60 people at a time
  • Indoor with table seating
  • Strategy oriented
  • 120 minutes + debrief

Speak to our experts, and you will, in under 45 minutes, reimagine how cricket can build teams.