30 Corporate Annual Day Tips

Annual days are the best and the most complete form of employee engagement. It’s important to get it right each time you do it.  Here is a big list of best practices you can follow with your next annual day.

I’ve tried to cover most of the tips for an effective annual day. There are still a lot more covering each stage of the annual day planning, execution and measurement. These 30 can be a good starting point. There is a lot of detail behind each point, read it in the context of your own corporate annual day celebration. So, let’s get right into it:


Corporate Annual Day Tips


# 1 – Don’t let budgets define the objective of the annual day. Wait, don’t roll our eyes yet. Ensure that the objective is set first and then prioritize the activities based on the budget. This way you can set the tone for your annual employee engagement campaign 

# 2 – Design your annual day first and do not start with list of programs to be done at the annual day

# 3 – Remember, annual day is not a one day event. Best results come from planning it as a campaign with pre and post activities

# 4 – Smoothly transition the annual day campaign to your next employee engagement campaign. Don’t treat it as a standalone event

# 5 – Getting a partner onboard is important. But, ensure that the partner understands your brand before they design the annual day campaign

# 6 – Involve the employees end-to-end and do not treat them as guests at their own home

# 7 – Read the employee feedback from last two years, before designing the annual day

# 8 – Collect feedback at each step of the annual day campaign

# 9 – Share the feedback at the end of the annual day with all the employees and seek involvement to improve it

# 10 – New activity for the company doesn’t mean new activity for the employees. Remember, that your employees would have gone through the same experience in earlier companies

# 11 – Identify the core messages you would like to communicate. Base the design and the agenda on such messages

# 12 – It is okay to have more than two partners to execute the campaign. One an employee engagement partner to design and second the event management partner to execute

# 13 – Don’t let the event agencies design the campaign unless they are experts in employee engagement

# 14 – HR and Marketing should work as one team for the success of the campaign

# 15 – Use it as a platform to bring out the hidden talents across the organization in various fields

# 16 – There is a lot of PR value that can be made from annual day. Do keep the PR associated throughout the process

# 17 – Brand your annual days so that there is a recall each year

# 18 – Don’t lock in the venue before the objective and the message are frozen

# 19 – Say “no” to routine themes and activities – Bollywood, pirate themes, mehendi, tattoo artists

# 20 – Treat annual day as a beginning of your annual employee engagement campaign

# 21 – Crowdsource as many ideas as possible from the employees

# 22 – Integrate all your employee engagement activities with the annual day theme for that quarter so that a unified message can be delivered

# 23 – Ensure that you do a lot of floor walks to create the buzz before the annual day

# 24 – Have custom events for all types of audiences – parents / families, employees, children etc

# 25 – Showcase the best of the organization to build the pride factor within the families

# 26 – Make CSR and sustainability a big part in each step of the event so that the impact can extend beyond fun to societal impact

# 27 – Target something really big, may be a world record. Your partner can recommend the best possible option

# 28 – Design the campaign that best suits the local culture. Consistency is important, but it doesn’t mean that you organize Pinga dance in Kerala

# 29 – Capture the progress of the annual day campaign on your digital channels for live and continuous updates to employees

# 30 – Have a special tour for families at the event. Remember, they are important for you to sustain employee engagement. Show the families, why is your organization the best for their children

Hope these were useful. If you want to read some in-depth points, you can see them here – 6 insights to make your corporate annual days effective.

I am eager to know any points that helped you immensely during your corporate annual day.