A good friend recently introduced me to a new diet she was trying. It caught my attention because it allowed her to eat meat, bacon, eggs and practically any fatty (read, yummy) food without restriction. And you know what? She lost a third of her weight in just three months, and more importantly she’s looking fresh, happy and radiant. The diet put a 180 flip on every other weight loss project I’d known. But there still aren’t too many takers for it. Because it seems to be practically sinful. Whoever thought that you would lose weight by eating all the good stuff right? You need to sacrifice and you need to struggle and you need to despair for it to have merit. Right?


Most people are hung up about looks and what they eat. But have you ever noticed that none of them seem truly happy? They’re always griping about something or the other. This goes beyond people who are concerned about looks and diet. You see it in organizations too. And it could feature just about everything – the commute, the infrastructure, the broadband, the people, favouritism, salaries, conference calls, comparisons, what others do with their time, what you have not been able to – practically anything.

“Can I get another bottle of whine?” 
“Red please because I’m having it with all my meets”

If left unchecked, the air in office is sometimes heavy with whines and just like air-conditioning, you’ll notice that this gets circulated again and again. If you are really concerned about the atmosphere in your organization then its possibly time to put your team on a “complaint diet”

A complaint is a whine, a gripe, a groan, a moan, gossip or just resentment. They’re are like greasy fries. You start with one but then it just keeps going. When the pack is empty, you’re still not satisfied. Yup – you’ve been there. If the whine is interesting enough, you’re not going to restrict yourself by whining to just one person.

Try this, if you were to make a list of people in the office who are always complaining about something or the other, who would it be? If others had to make a similar list, would you feature in it? Guessed as much !

If you really want a challenge – go ahead and create your own sign for a “complaint diet” and display it prominently.
Here are three simple templates to get you started

1. If you’re unhappy about something in office, please go to “HELEN WAIT”
2. Whine Fine: Rs. 200 for whines about yourself, Rs. 500 for whines about colleagues, Rs. 1000 for whining about customers. Go Figure.
3. Before you whine about others, stop by the mirror.

I’ve always felt that if you go looking for mistakes in anything, you’ll find it. Its not hard. Its not even time consuming. Its abundant. Finding good in anything is not difficult either. Its just as abundant. The problem only lies in your acceptance that something is good or possibly better. If you spend most of your time finding faults, you’re just getting better at it and building an expertise. But is that the expertise you want to have on your skill set?

To make the diet effective, try coaxing each other to reduce the daily dosage. Its time you built a new and better expertise – of identifying the good, of seeking out potential and showing enough appreciation to allow it to nurture.