group drumming

Group Drumming is extremely motivating and provides  participant with a distinct sense of achievement. Drum circles have gone on to become one of the most commonly used engagement activity at conferences, meets, town halls, or team building retreats across the world. Owing to the sheer versatility of this group drumming activity, the drum circle can be used to kick start a conference, it can be used as the showstopper of an event, it can be done indoors or outdoors, it can be 20 mins, it can be an hour, you could have people sitting, or standing, or a mixture of both, you can even use it in multiple parts to energize the conference/meeting. It also engages any age, any gender, any mix of audience, at any venue! As a result of the flexibility it offers, it is vastly popular and many, many corporations have experienced the power of a drum circle through a fast growing list of service providers.

You want to use a facilitated group drumming program or drum circle at your next event and you don’t know what is the difference between one service provider and the other, then this guide should help.  All your provider offer a drum circle and promise to get your audience energized and engaged in the course of it. They have all successfully run drum circles for small to large groups. They all come highly recommended. So how do you choose?

How are you going to select? You don’t have domain expertise. You don’t know anything about group drumming and drums, or rhythm and tempos, or engagement techniques! 

You are confused – the only differentiator you zone in on is price of service.
This is a trap that most decision makers are likely to fall into and one that YOU should avoid

Consider the following questions:

1) Should you select based on the drumming skills of the facilitator? Is that important in a drum circle? Doesn’t the entire group play the drums?
2) Should it be on the entertainment act that a service provider puts on before the drum circle? Is this event slotted before or during the evening entertainment? Will the entertainment defeat the purpose of the drum circle?
3) Should you be looking at whether the facilitator can communicate your organizational messages effectively and powerfully to the audience? The depth of experience in engagement that the service provider has?

Remember, this is your event – your leadership is meeting with your top customers. Or you are planning something for employees. Either ways, your event is themed heavily on the spirit of partnership. You need that the drum circle or group drumming jam session both exhilarates the audience and communicates your event message strongly to your target group. A service provider that has great audience engagement techniques, weaves in the right messaging and provides a positive sense of achievement is what you need.
Ask your service provider for the details and you can be assured that your event is a success. The drum circle should reinforce the spirit of partnership your corporation is communicating.

Your event will make a difference – because you can enhance the recall rate by using a flexible, versatile product, delivered by a provider who understands that need.

In closing – a drum circle (irrespective of whether you call it a jam or a group drumming event or something from a coffee shop) IS still a drum circle – every one of them will be fantastic, motivating, and energizing! But ensuring that your event gets the mileage that you are spending all that money for is and should always be your primary priority.