Camaraderie is about mutual friendship and trust. Its what you share with the people you grew up with or in your neighborhood. You probably have a few buddies in the office or from your previous organization that you hang out with too. Its a definition of friendship and it has probably been built on personal commonalities – sharing likes and dislikes, music etc.

Don’t confuse this with teamwork. A successful team has no proven foundation in camaraderie. More than friendship, your team needs to have mutual respect for each other, recognize the collective and individual talent towards reaching its goal.

To be a team, you need to go beyond your own individual achievements and measure what you have done collectively. If both forms exist, than the individual will overcome the team efforts thereby leading to a possibility of a less desired team outcome. Its only when the team collectively appreciates its potential and limitations that it truly moves to the next level.

Yes, do hang out together and get to know each other better. It will help you as a group but it is certainly not a mantra for team success.

Similarly, don’t plan your team outing with the intention of knowing each other better, but rather to understand each other and to respect each others’ abilities. We all know who the cricketers and soccer stars are in the group but planning a match as part of team building is not going to get you there. Identify activities that accentuate team work rather than individual brilliance and you will see better team efforts going forward