Remember the story of the 3 workers at a construction site?

When asked about what they were doing, each of them had a different response. The first one said he was laying bricks; the second said he was building a wall and the third who was the most cheerful and happy, said he was building a cathedral.

A simple yet effective story that shows the power of Big Picture thinking.

It is extremely vital for an organisation to share its vision with their employees; better still have the employees sketch it out, shape it and own it.

It is empowering to an employee to see the value of his contribution and the impact of it, in context of the entire organisation.

And what better way to do this, than our flagship activity – the Big Picture. It is the best way for the employees to:

  • Experience thinking big, thinking bold
  • Think beyond
  • Unify an organisation around a common goal and a common future

Not just that, Big Picture manages to connect to any and every type of audience. At its heart, the Big Picture is about painting and that takes every participant back to their childhood, to the days of innocence and to the time when everything was simple and beautiful. And who doesn’t want to relive that part of their lives again?

You can use Big Picture for various different reasons, such as:

  • Launching a new product or a new logo
  • Communicating the values, mission and vision, or principles of the organisation
  • Celebrating a great year
  • Mergers of BUs, verticals, teams and organisations
  • Motivating the participants, inspiring them and infusing them with enthusiasm and determination

Look who’s having a great time seeing the big picture.