Its that time of the year when we can all confidently step out. Good weather, not much chance of rainfall and we’d much rather be outdoor than indoor. It’s also one of the most popular times for conferences and team offsites. Yet, we tend to see how legacy team building activities like marble run, hoops and other similar silly excuses of team building end up on the agenda. So here’s a quick list of the best outdoor teambuilding activities that you can choose in December, January and February, in India.

best outdoor teambuilding activities december january february india

1. A bespoke tablet based digital treasure hunt 

Wait one, the digital treasure hunt is not one where you sit at your desk and play a game with virtual team mates. Oh no. I’m talking about soaking in the outdoors and having a team building company custom design a hunt for you. Armed with tablets, you now crack clues, unlock new levels and race to the next Geo fenced location. An amazing race on steroids. But make sure there’s customization involved – bring in your company values, or let every point you accumulate equal the money that’s given to charity or include pop quizzes involving teams and team mates. A good team building company can do all of that for you. 

This activity is perfect for the weather, especially if you are in most metros of India or one of the popular outbound destinations like Jaipur or Goa. Ensure that all safety concerns are addressed and the necessary permissions sought from authorities for usage of public areas. But other than that, prepare yourself for a blast. With the right customisation, this is possibly the best outdoor teambuilding activity any time of the year. 
Key Takeaways and Learning: Problem Solving, Planning, Collaboration, Time Management, Change Management & Competitive Advantage

Popular cities for this team building activity: Udaipur, Jaipur, Goa, Delhi/NCR, Gurgaon, Agra, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pondicherry, Mumbai, lonavala, Hyderabad, did I already mention Goa?
best outdoor teambuilding activities december january february india

2. Build Something 


Oh yeah. Pull up some grass, get your team together and showcase project management as well as your creative abilities. You’ll see teamwork, camaraderie, situational leadership, time management, planning being the key highlights and takeaways from any of these construction styled activities. The options range from building a rugged 4X4, a tuk-tuk, rickshaw, chariot and many more. Its a fairly long list but lots of fun.This type of innovative team building activity is best run in metros or resorts on the outskirts of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad or Goa. Some of these activities require a lot of props and you certainly wouldn’t want to spend more on the transportation of equipment than necessary.

The key takeaways as listed above: Team work, Situational Leadership, Time Management, Creativity, Problem Solving, Planning & Project Management.

best outdoor teambuilding activities december january february india

3. Sporty Activities 


Am not talking about the emcee styled games that are sequential and repetitive. There’s a lot more out there. This could range from Olympic styled teambuilding activities that are conducted in such a way that no one is waiting or disengaged; tribal games, or even the ever popular Formula 1 racing which involves building a pedaled race car, branding it, running a quick lap for qualification and then having a race with pit stops to change drivers. End with chilled champagne, its a winner every time.

Again, this would work in any of the key properties in and within 250km of Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Goa. Find one with a suitable paved area, a large lawn or a staff parking lot.

Key Takeaways and Learning: Competition, Knowing your team’s strengths, Strategic Advantage, Working towards a Goal.

best outdoor teambuilding ideas india

4. Giant Sculptures or Art


Use the lawns or a large ground for building a giant sculpture. Recycled material with tape and cling wrap make for a great option here. Its not an easy activity but it will have a lasting impact. Or you could take this to a different level by building giant puppets or a massive pyramid. Brand it on the sides and you also get the ideal backdrop for all your photo ops. While technically, this is like a construction activity, it differs in that you are allowing teams to explore more creativity than precision. Its like an expression.

As an alternate to this you could also consider a Giant Graffiti installation. Graffiti is a great medium for expression and is as yet unexplored in India. A good team building facilitator or organization could help you make this a really interesting activity for smaller groups at the leadership level.

Watch out for health concerns. You will also need appropriate permissions, coveralls, masks and good equipment.

Overall, as you can see from the list above – there’s no dearth for ideation. But it always comes down to the execution of great ideas. Work with an organization that has a strong track record in delivering outcome rather than just ideation, identify a good location for your outing and ensure that the debrief covers all aspects of your business takeaways. 

Full disclosure : I’m associated with a team building organization in India. So if you think this post is biased towards the kind of team building activities that are conducted by my company, then I apologize. But I honestly don’t think there’s another company in the country that can offer anything better than what we have.