Product launch event season is here. I am sure all the marketing and brand managers and event agencies are scurrying through several ideas, plans and logistics to make the event super successful. 

I did a quick search to see what are the new things that companies are doing this year. Guess what? It’s the same old stuff. As soon as we type “product launch event ideas” “product launch best practices” – it’s all about picking a date, venue, food, logistics, and promotion.

Whatever happened to the audience engagement and experience at the event?

With product launches, you will be making the first, and usually a lasting impression on your audience. At the end of the day, the experience at the event and the product is what stays with your audience.

Long story short – It is critical to design the experience and the engagement in any product launch. Start with designing the experience. The experience should decide the venue, food, date and the whole nine-yards. Its best to have someone dedicated looking at the experience. Just like your brand ambassador.

Here’s a quick example of what we’ve done recently: When the world’s leading printer and printer services company was launching their new spill free, intense color cartridges targeting dealers around the country, their agency asked d’frens to design the product experience. d’frens worked with the stakeholders and created a light and color based percussion experience that all the participants could easily understand and engage in. This 15 minute experience, run right after the product presentation, was designed to help dealers and distributors understand and experience the product’s USP. The experience was designed and run by d’frens at 12 locations around the country.

Or when the world’s most valued technology company was launching a new messaging product in the country, they reached out to d’frens to help design an experience that could wow the twitterati. Working closely with the marketing team we designed an escape room inside a five star hotel in the capital. The experience allowed participants to interact using chat and voice features of the product, which in turn helped solve clues and puzzles that enabled them to escape the room.

In closing, keep these three things in mind when you are designing the experience for your next product launch:

Involve the audience

Make the audience a part of the entire event. They are not there to see a song & dance and clap. Make them do stuff.  Want ideas? We’ve got plenty. Your idea need not be grand and occupy the entire event. We may not have creative ideas for each and every situation, but we sure as hell can communicate any message with what we have.

Inspire your audience

Do I need to say what Steve Jobs did with his legendary product launch speeches? Of course, he inspired. The question then is, how are you inspiring your audience with your products. It’s not easy, but we love a good challenge. Be it a technology product, an automobile, a beverage or even a property – there are inspiring experiences that can be designed to suit your audience.

Give your audience something unique to talk and share

All of us love to create stuff that goes viral on social channels. But, how do you make them? Give them a reason to talk about your product and proudly share it on social channels. Build this aspect into the experience that you are going to design for the product launch event.

Good luck with your product launch events and yes, engage your audience with incredible experiences.