Employee Onboarding

Win it on Day-One

Employee onboarding is the moment of truth for any new employee. Don’t spoil it for them with information overload and unending presentations. Talk to them about your organization, your values, culture, policies et al. But, in a way that they can remember them and express in their own way. Our employee onboarding programs question the basic assumption of “why should induction happen indoor and with a speaker and a presentation”? This thinking helped us design activities that enable employees beat the boredom and understand the core message deeply – as it meant to. Here is how we help you have a winning employee onboarding program.

induction is the first "experience" of your employees. get it right.



new employees are like the fresh water coming in. give them space but not information overload

Employee Onboarding - Dfrens

Onboarding with Values

One of the key aspects of employee on-boarding is to align the employee with organisation’s beliefs and value system. It’s easy for this to appear boring when done as a presentation. But when we deliver it in a highly engaging board game, the experience will ensure that the values are understood deeply. We bring the expertise in breaking down your values and culture into simpler and digestible chunks so that the new employees are not overwhelmed with the activity. 

Employee Onboarding - Dfrens

Tech Talk / Gamify

Day 1 is the most important day in an employee’s Induction. Whether it be looking around the campus or initiating documentation, we turn the uninteresting to exciting experience. Gamification can turn induction into an unique engagement that is going to excite the employee about everything around your organisation – from the documentation, to cafeteria to organisation values. Keeping things simple, portable and scalable – our app can take over every minute task during induction and gamify this process to make it seem less of a chore to HR and the employee.

Employee Onboarding - Dfrens

Personalised Desk Drop

Organisational history, values and culture can be shaped into a video or sculpted onto a wall. One thing it doesn’t necessarily do is move with the inductee and be a part of their daily life. We love to take things to the personal level. We make the experience last forever. Our hand crafted concepts will put your organisation content in the shape of unique collateral assured to excite the employee.