Struggling to keep your employees engaged? Not sure if your team building tactics are working in your favour?

If you’re a team leader struggling to make an impact, this article is for you.

What’s in this article.

Are you a team leader looking for ways to bond better with your team? Always wanted to be a friendly and approachable team lead, but scared that it’ll make you someone people don’t take seriously?

Leading a team is a huge responsibility. Not only are you responsible for the team’s success but also for keeping them motivated at all times.

You may have all the skills to do your job properly. But if you’re not a good leader, you will never be able to get the best out of your team.

Have you been promoted to a team manager recently? Not sure how to keep the team motivated?

We’ve put together a list of 5 most common mistakes managers make. And how to avoid them.

5 mistakes team leaders should never make

1. Comparing team members with each other

Healthy competition amongst team members is good. It will even help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently. But there’s a thin line between healthy competition and rivalry.

You don’t want to encourage fights between your teammates, do you?

It’s 100% okay to praise someone who’s done a good job. But comparing them to others or making an employee look better than the others isn’t.

Comparing team members gives the one being praised a sense of superiority.

And the others, instead of being inspired, end up feeling envious.

2. Giving them the silent treatment

Talking to team members about a mistake they’ve made may not always be easy. Especially if it’s something they repeat often. But what other way do you have, to make them realize their mistake?

An easy way out is to ignore them. Assign the task to someone else. And not talk to them about what they’ve been doing wrong.

But that’s not going to help anyone.

Giving a teammate the silent treatment is confusing and demotivating. They’ll either stop putting in effort because you don’t care anyway. Or assume they’re finally right and continue doing things their way.

The ideal thing to do is talk to them. Listen to their problem. And find a solution that’s best for the whole team.

3. Asking for opinions then completely disregarding it

In an attempt to look like a team player, a lot of leaders ask their teammates for their opinion. But because they’re the boss, do their own thing, anyway.
One of the most important qualities a leader must possess is being open to new ideas. And criticism.

Respecting other people’s ideas gives them the freedom to grow. It helps the team save time and work efficiently. Click To Tweet

Maybe, someone noticed a problem you overlooked. Or found a solution to a problem you didn’t even think would arise.

4. Not giving everyone a chance to speak

As a team leader, it is important that you know and understand your teammates well. Not everyone is comfortable sharing opinions without being asked. Not everyone will share their concerns in front of everyone.

When brainstorming or even during a regular meeting, make sure you give everyone a chance to speak. If there is someone on the team who won’t share their opinion unless asked specifically, ask them questions. Encourage them to share what they think. Before the meeting, tell them you’re looking forward to hearing their opinion.

You’ve been assigned this task as a team for a reason. Let everyone contribute. As their manager, it is your responsibility to make sure everyone gives it their best.

5. Always acting like the boss

It’s cool to be the boss. You’ve worked hard for it. We get it. But don’t go around rubbing it in everyone’s faces.

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As a team leader, you have to be strict about things like project deadlines and work quality. But don’t act like a boss all the time.

Have lunch with your team some time. Hang out with them during the break. Or let someone else lead the team in a team bonding activity.

It is tiny things like these that go a long way in strengthening the team member’s bond with each other.

Another simple yet very effective way to bring out the best in your team is organizing team building activities. It is believed that team building events are a great way to build trust amongst teammates, encourage communication and create happy co-workers.

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