Heard a lot about experiential learning and team building, but not sure how it will benefit you? This blog post has all the answers you need.

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Do you lead multiple teams of employees and departments?

As a leader, you’re responsible for getting work done. You also make sure that your team members are happy and motivated on the job.

Today you and your employees realize the importance of work-life balance. To retain talent, you pay more attention to creating happy and engaged employees than probably ever before.

Happy employees lead to happy customers. They also create a positive work environment, which is obviously great for your organisation.

The converse, you know, is grief. Having a team of unhappy and disengaged employees spells trouble for your organisation.

d'frens -  Employee Engagement Services 5 Ways Your Employees Benefit From Experiential Team Building Activities

There’s enough buzz around employee engagement, gamification in business and experiential team building activities to make you sit up and notice. 

Experts swear that experiential learning and gamification is the best way to improve productivity at work. Some also claim it is the ultimate future.

Experts swear that experiential learning and #gamification is the best way to improve productivity at work. #EmployeeEngagementTip Click To Tweet

But do you often wonder: Are team building activities really effective?

Irrespective of the size of your company and the team, engaging your employees in fun activities to improve their efficiency as a team will always benefit you.

Not sure if experiential employee engagement is right for you?

Discover 5 ways through which your employees could benefit from experiential team building activities.

1. Help new employees fit in

Your business is growing. To keep up with the work flow, you’ve hired a lot of new employees.

While new employees are great for bringing new energy at work, they are also outsiders for the rest of the team.

The new employees you’ve hired could be the most talented and productive team members. But unless they are comfortable working and interacting with the team, they cannot really be the best version of themselves.

You might want to read: A Case Study on How a Large Consulting Organisation Helped Employees Understand Organisational Values.

2. Deal with conflicting opinions

Healthy discussions where employees share ideas and opinions is a great way to boost productivity at work. But when clashing opinions lead to a clash of egos, you’re in trouble. The entire team suffers, as a result.

As the leader, it is your responsibility and also in your best interest to solve the problem.

3. Improve productivity

Happy with your team’s performance? But productivity seems stagnant? It’s probably because your team needs a push. And a break.

What’s the best way to deal with it? An experience led team building workshop.

4. Celebrate the team spirit

Team building activities aren’t something you should think about only when hit by a crisis. 

If your team is already happy and getting along with each other fine, a fun-filled team bonding session will certainly make it more effective.

5. Make work fun

Routine is boring. And to keep your employees excited about work, it’s important to take a break occasionally.

A fun team building activity like Beatswork or FoodTruck would be a welcome break for them.

If you’re keen on something more intense, The Infinite Loop or Beat The Box would be perfect.

d'frens -  Employee Engagement Services 5 Ways Your Employees Benefit From Experiential Team Building Activities

700+ organizations, just like yours, benefit from experiential team bonding activities by d’frens.

We understand that to be effective you need fresh,world class team building experiences. 

Which is why, we offer a wide range of corporate team building activities for you to choose from.

Not sure which experience-led team building activity is right for you? Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you choose.

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d'frens -  Employee Engagement Services 5 Ways Your Employees Benefit From Experiential Team Building Activities
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