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Everyone is talking about the benefits of employee training programs. And how it is crucial to employees’ growth and the company’s success.

While it all sounds very good, organizations often find it difficult to judge the effectiveness of an employee learning program.


Corporate training companies claim that most of their sessions are a huge success. But is trusting them the only way to know if your employee engagement program was effective or no?

Well, not exactly.

It is always safe to look at case studies for corporate training programs before you hire an agency. But you should also conduct an internal analysis after every session, to make sure your organization and employees are actually benefiting from it.


Here are 5 ways to judge the effectiveness of an employee training program.

1. How did employees react to the training session?

This is something you’d gauge better by observing, rather than asking.

Look at people’s reaction. Were they enthusiastic throughout the session? Were they looking excited and interested in the activity?


Or did the enthusiasm fizzle out as the session progressed?

d'frens -  Employee Engagement Services 5 Ways to Test the Effectiveness of Your Employee Training Program

2. Did you learn something new?

Training sessions are meant to teach you something new. But if employees can’t answer this question, you might want to rethink the way you’re organising training sessions. #EmployeeEngagementTips" Click To Tweet

Don’t settle for answers like ‘It was good’ or ‘I liked it.’ People usually say it when they have nothing specific to say about their experience. Which means, there were no new learnings.

Answers like, ‘I learnt a quicker way to get this job done’ or ‘I learnt an efficient way to improve the quality of my work’ are what show that a program was a success.

Do ask for a detailed feedback later. It’ll help you choose the right corporate training program for your employees in the future.

3. Was there a noticeable change in their performance after the training session?

A week after the training session, ask employees to rate their own performance before and the training. #EmployeeEngagementTips Click To Tweet

This will not only help you judge the effectiveness of the training session but also help them see how beneficial it was.

Apart from asking employees to judge their own performance, also ask their managers to do it.

Feedback, along with assessment like this will help you judge the effectiveness of your training sessions better.

4. Have an informal discussion with managers and team members

This could be tricky, especially if you don’t share a friendly relationship with employees who participated in the training session. But if you do manage to crack this, you’ll get the most valuable feedback.

Employees might not be comfortable sharing their honest opinions, on record. It’s easier when discussing things casually.

But never use this information in the official report without asking the employee first. Let them know you won’t be using their name. If they’re still not comfortable, respect their decision.

5. Ask them to share their honest feedback

The simplest way to get feedback about your employee training session is asking for it. Give the participants a feedback form, or simply ask them to write a review based on their experience.

Give them the option to write anonymous reviews, if they want. When putting out their names, a lot of employees may not be comfortable sharing their exact opinion for fear of offending a senior. This might also lead to a biased feedback or one that’s not really useful. Writing anonymously, it’s easier for employees to share what they really felt about the corporate training program.

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d'frens -  Employee Engagement Services 5 Ways to Test the Effectiveness of Your Employee Training Program

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