Want to know the secret to make your employees 10X more productive?

This blog post has all the answers you need.

Are you worried about falling productivity at work? Not sure if your team members are giving their 100%?

As a team leader, it is natural to expect your team to get better with each project. Team building activities, experience-led workshops and simulated learning are some of the modern ways to improve productivity at work. Apart from these, we’ve listed out 5 tiny changes you can make in your work culture that are sure to improve productivity.

5 ways to make your team members 10 times more productive.

1. Encourage communication

One of the biggest mistakes managers make is not talking to their teammates often. How will you know if there is a problem if you don’t communicate with each other?

A good leader is someone all team members can share their problems with. Not someone they are afraid to talk to.

To ensure your teammates are 100% efficient at their job, it is important that communication goes both ways.

As a manager, you should always ask your team how they’re doing. And also be approachable enough for them to talk to you any time they want.

2. Give them honest feedback

It’s always encouraging for employees to know what their team leader thinks about their work. Employees deserve honest feedback about their work, and not just at the time of appraisals. Ideally, team leaders should appreciate employees whenever they do something remarkable. Or have a discussion when they notice a team member performing badly.

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Similarly, be open to constructive criticism from your team members, too. If they say they do not feel comfortable with the way you approach certain situations, take it in good stride and look for ways to improve.

3. Let them have access to the best resources

How do you expect your team members to perform well if they don’t have access to the best resources?

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Studies show that a good infrastructure and office environment plays a very important role in improving productivity.

Along with it, you should also ensure that your team has access to the best software, tools, research and other materials they might need to do their jobs efficiently.

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4. Organize team building activities

Employees spend eight to nine hours everyday at work. While working on team projects, they might bond or develop friendships. But this isn’t always the case.

What if an employee has never had the opportunity to interact with others in the team? What if a new employee isn’t getting along with the others? What if one of the employees feels left out?

All of this can not only make work boring but also affect the team’s productivity.

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Experts believe that organizing team bonding events is the best way to boost productivity.

d'frens -  Employee Engagement Services 5 ways to make your employees  10X more productive

5. Empower them to take risks

One of the most important things team members expect from their leaders is trust.

They want to be trusted with responsibilities. They want their leader to trust them to make the right decision. They want the freedom to be able to make important decisions.

Having to ask their manager for permission before making any decisions can not only slow down the speed at which work gets done but also hamper the team’s confidence.

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