Employee engagement is a constant and on-going process.

One of the most common questions we get asked is: How often should we organize team-building events?

There’s no one answer for this. It depends on how your employees are engaged, currently. And the goals you wish to achieve.

If you think you and your employees would benefit from a team building event right now, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t organize one.

Are you keen on organizing a team building event for your employees?

But worried about the weather being a spoilsport?

The best way to organize a team building event, when it’s too hot or raining unpredictably, is doing it indoors.

An indoor team building activity is fun, easy to organise and just as effective.

Not sure if indoor activities are right for you?

Here are 3 solid reasons why you’re sure to benefit from indoor team building events

1. Don’t let weather spoil the fun

Outdoor events are fun, but practically not a good idea during harsh weather.

Picture this. It’s the monsoon season.

You’ve organised an outdoor team building event. The venue is a few kilometres away from your office. How will everyone reach there?

You have to arrange for transport to avoid inconvenience. Not everyone has a car. Some may not be comfortable driving to the venue.

An outdoor event means that there is a 100% risk of rains ruining the event any time.

You need to be extra careful with your sound system. You cannot put up a projector. Or make presentations. The equipment is expensive and there is no way you can risk taking it out in the rains. Communicating your message effectively without this is not very easy.

The summer season, when the sun is harsh, has it’s own list of problems.

Do you really want your employees to sweat it out in the sun?

Physical activity outdoors in summers will tire them out. Imagine your employees being all sweaty and uncomfortable after the team building event.

You don’t want that, do you?

What do you do, then? Give up your plans for conducting a team building activity for your employees? Or wait for suitable weather?

A better idea is to organize team building events indoors. It’s simpler than it sounds. We’ve done it for many clients. And they’ve all have loved it.

2. Choose from a wide range of activities

Indoors is safe and convenient. It also gives you the option to plug in devices like a laptop, projector screen and loud speakers without too much trouble.

This also opens up a lot of opportunities. We’ve cherry-picked some team building activities that work best indoors. These work best when the weather isn’t on your side.

You can organise simulation-led team building activities like Infinite Loop or Peak Performance. Easily organise board games like Power Play and Fresh Biz. Or music-based team bonding activities like Drum Circle and Harmonica Symphony. Explore the complete list of indoor team building activities by d’frens here.

3. Save time and money

If you’ve ever organized a team building event before, you’ll know that the most difficult part if finding a suitable venue.

It’s time-consuming and expensive.

Surprisingly, for indoor team building activities, you don’t need to hunt for a venue. You can easily do it in your office itself.

Based on the activity you choose to conduct, we’ll make all the arrangements needed.

The team at d’frens organises the event at your office, making it easy and convenient for everyone to attend.

Saves so much time and money, right?

They say, where there is a will there is a way.

If you are really keen on organizing a team building event in the monsoon season, an indoor activity is the way best to go.

Indoor team building events are great because people are still in their comfort zones. This helps them enjoy and learn from the activities better. The fact that people are in proximity with each other allows more interaction and better bonding. Indoor team building activities by d’frens are designed keeping this is mind.

Ready to organize an indoor team building activity for your employees this monsoon?

Here’s how it works.

1. Tell us what you’re looking for

  • A team building event to help new employees settle in?
  • A fun activity to lighten the mood after a stressful assignment?
  • Or an event just to convey the company’s vision and mission to the employees?

2. We work on a customized solution

Choose from a wide range of activities ideal for an indoor event. Pick an activity that’s fun, easy to conduct and helps you meet your goals.

3. We plan and execute it for you.

We make all the arrangements in your office lobby or auditorium. Arrange everything that’s needed. Plan and execute the event for you.

4. Enjoy the activity and see the results.

d’frens helps companies like your organize team building activities, experiential learning and internal communication solutions to keep employees engaged and motivated.

If you’re looking to ignite your employee engagement program, get in touch with us. Our services include – Team Building that employees love, Experiential Learning that makes employees smarter and Internal Communication that all employees understand.

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August 10, 2019 in Blog