Struggling to improve employee engagement? Are worried that you’re not keeping up with business trends?

If you answered yes to even one of those questions then this blog is for you.

What’s in this blog?

Are you worried about keeping up with business trends?

Having a hard time attracting employees to learning session?

For your organisation to grow, it is important that your employees update their skills constantly. But encouraging employees to do that is no easy task.

How do you deal with employees who show no enthusiasm to learn something new?

Or worse, who don’t turn up for training sessions at all?

A modern way to deal with poor #EmployeeEngagement is to #gamify the learning process. #EmployeeEngagementTips Click To Tweet

Gamification, is basically the application of gaming elements to the process of learning. It engages employees in fun activities that they enjoy, to teach them new skills.


d'frens -  Employee Engagement Services 3 Reasons Why Experience-Led Training Sessions Are Beneficial For Your Company

Not sure if experience-led Experiential learning is right for you?


Here are 3 ways employees and organisations benefit from experience led training sessions.

1. Get Rid of Boring Training Sessions

Engaging employees using old-school tricks no longer work. The new generation of employees demand fresh ideas.
Listening to never-ending powerpoint presentation sitting in a closed room neither interests nor impresses employees any more. 

Learning sessions must be interactive to engage.

Employees learn better when they interact with the trainer and other learners. #EmployeeEngagementTip Click To Tweet


2. Learn From Experience

Bookish knowledge is great. But real expertise comes from experience.

Training sessions where employees are given a practical problem to solve reap the best results. 

Experiential sessions are great also because employees are actively involved. And not simply made to sit and listen.


Looking to organise experience led training sessions for your employees? Check out the experient learning activities we offer.

3. Grow Together

Shared learning is always better than learning alone. It’s easier to implement. And the joy of learning something together as a team brings employees closer.

Team learning is also a great way to encourage bonding between teams. Employees interact with colleagues from other departments. This opens up a lot of opportunities for growth.

Employees love simulated experience-led training sessions. Your organisation benefits from it greatly.

700+ organizations, just like yours, benefit from simulated experience led experiential learning activities by d’frens.

Keeping pace with business trends is crucial for your organization. Picking the right activity your employees will love is important to ensure a successful learning. 

This is why we offer a wide range of Experiential learning activities for you to choose from.

Not sure which simulated employee training activity is right for you? Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you choose.

Choose from 3 employee engagement solutions for the modern workplace

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d'frens -  Employee Engagement Services 3 Reasons Why Experience-Led Training Sessions Are Beneficial For Your Company
March 5, 2019 in Blog, Experiential Learning