team building sports

Each of the carefully sequenced sporting challenges in Two Tribes is designed to encourage people of all physical abilities to participate in a fun and supportive environment. Designed to set the pulse racing, this healthy experience is all about integrity, inclusion and mutual respect. The unique format of Two Tribes creates a level playing field, introducing participants to traditional sports, which they may not otherwise experience as well as the opportunity for teams to create their own bespoke tribal regalia and chants.

If you are looking for team building with sports then this is as good as it ever gets. The flavor of International sports and fun rules levels the playing field and doesn’t really allow for any specific individual to have any advantage. This maximizes participation and the fun quotient just goes up exponentially.

Team building sports like Two Tribes enables teams to be competitive, collaborative and participative. We use international sports like Sepak Takraw, Peteka, Cherokee, Bocce, and many more to create an arena of sports that are interesting and novel to all participants and in most cases, leveling the playing field too.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Cross functional cooperation
  • Fun and motivation
  • Uniting teams
  • Appreciating individual and team strengths
  • Team Spirit

Numbers: 20 – unlimited
Time: Upwards of 2 hours
Location: Outdoors
Approach: Competitive & Collaborative

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