Drum Circle India

In India, our drum circle is one of the most interactive, engaging, rhythmic and versatile activities that you can use at events. Whether it is a conference, team building event, annual day, employee engagement, awards night or just pure entertainment, the drum circle is your perfect choice.

The concept of a drum circle in team building is fairly simple. Everyone of us can hold a beat and through expert facilitation, the drum circle unleashes us sufficiently to explore this innate talent to its fullest. In the short space of 45 minutes, you would experience a transformation from novice to expert – purely with the belief of “together we can”. At d’frens, we have taken this concept a few steps further. Its not only about drumming but an experience of interactivity, connectivity and literally a conversation using percussion as the medium.

With expert facilitation techniques and our experience of more than 1000 drum circles to date, we can assure you of a high quality experience and total interactivity.

Through various drumming techniques, vocalizations, body percussions and a rhythmic journey of beats from around the world, your group will experience a burst of energy that will sustain not just for the session but throughout your conference. Additionally, in our drum circles you can choose to infuse organizational messaging and learning content to provide business benefits.

In the almost 9  years since WE introduced India to the drum circle, we have conducted an average of  125 drum circles each year in Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa, Kerala and pretty much every city in India and some of our near shores as well. We are also not picky about the venue, the number of participants, the seating arrangement or any other demographics because the drum circle, or the jam really is about the audience.

Group drumming in a drum circle breaks through language, educational, gender, organizational and cultural barriers. The process unites the diverse strengths and talents of every individual in your organization or audience and allows each to contribute and be heard.

We believe that ultimately, the drum circle is not about showcasing the drumming talents of the facilitator/s but rather to help you and your group discover yours.


Key Business Benefits:

  • High energy
  • Role change
  • Positive attitude
  • Unifies the group
  • Shared experience
  • Celebrates success

The Drum Circle complements best with: 

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Numbers: 10 – 2500
Time: 45 minutes
Location: Indoor
Approach: Collaborative

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