Motivation for Leaders

Motivation for leaders

Playing the violin – successfully, is one of the most satisfying accomplishments for a musician. But it usually takes years of practice, patience and never-say-die diligence. The key qualities of great leadership. Imagine, if you could learn to play the violin and perform as a symphony of peers. All of this in just 60 minutes. There’s no better example of practical motivation for leaders than this.

This would be accomplished with your whole group achieving the seemingly impossible task of playing a 16th century classical music piece in under an hour!

Taking this short ‘musical interlude’ during a conference not only helps message retention but also reinforces important concepts such as listening, connecting with colleagues and having fun.

Our unique approach generates amazing results even when participants have no previous musical experience.  Our instructors will assign your team members the toughest of all classical string instruments – the violin.  Then, they quickly teach them the basics of playing, how to hold the bow, getting the posture right, Violin basics and learning their part for our custom made composition.  At the end, with the accompaniment of our bespoke backing track, your group will make beautiful music together.

Crescendo is an exclusive event for your leaders and it is an experiential exercise that triggers motivation. Before the 60 minutes are up, everyone in your group will believe in themselves and their team.

The activity provides tremendous business benefits in the form of self motivation, working together, learning from each other, simplifying a challenge, and setting small measurable, achievable goals.

A leadership group that hasn’t experienced crescendo probably hasn’t found the key to unlocking its potential, yet.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Practical Motivation for Leaders
  • The power of “I Can” & “We Can”
  • Cross functional cooperation
  • Stimulates imagination
  • Changes attitudes
  • Exploring excellence
  • Provides inspiration
  • Celebrates success

Crescendo complements best with: 

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Numbers: 6 – 70
Time: 60-75 minutes
Location: Indoor
Approach: Collaborative

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