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“One of the really cool team building activities “

The Actuator is one of our really cool team building activities. Competitive and collaborative at the same time. In this activity you will create and build sections of a machine that will trigger the next in line in a cascading motion. Eclectic props, dominoes, beaded strings, marbles. These rarely come to mind when you’re considering one of the team building activities for your organization, does it? However, the actuator is one of those activities where the props really don’t matter as much as the facilitation. At the end of this activity, your team would want more time and more props to build the perfect machine.

In addition to creativity, the Actuator also challenges you in project management, precision, working together, situational role play etc.

Description: Develop a creative mindset in your employees and foster innovation on the fly. The Actuator perfectly fits the need – providing employees across all organizational levels an opportunity to discuss and participate in creating a machine to perform based on the need. Designed on the lines of the Rube Goldberg machine which is popular all over America and Japan, this activity will help teams work closely on developing a creative solution with the limited resources available – one of the most creative and challenging team building activities you could put your team through.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Developing goal focus
  • Overcoming barriers to creativity
  • Team communication
  • Working with constraints
  • Networking and collaborating

Numbers: 20 – 300
Time: 2 Hours
Location: Indoor or Outdoors
Approach: Competitive and Collaborative


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