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Team Building with Car Racing

Already considered the best team building car racing activity in India, it won’t be long before our customers start telling us that this is the best team building activity. Period.

Racing has always been associated with efficient team work and our version of Formula Fun racing is at the pinnacle. You will build, custom brand with your corporate logos, test, qualify and race your pedaled karts to a podium finish – in just under 3 hours of intense, competitive and extremely collaborative teaming.

Businesses are often driven by their competitors’ plans. The d’frens Formula Fun activity requires teams to plan their strategy, allocate resources and play to their strengths in this exciting team building car racing activity. The activity kicks off with earning points to buy your race gear that includes the kart, tools and much more. You will then use all the provided tools and parts to build the car and custom brand it with your own team name and company logo. The sooner you build, the more testing time you get before competing in the time trials for your grid positions. The race is an all out championship caliber fight to the finish with multiple drivers – a mandatory pit stop at each lap ensures that your entire team participates in this version of the perfect team building car racing game ever designed.

While you are bound to have a lot of fun and thrills, there’s some great experiential learning too. From out-manouevring competition, planning for strengths and weaknesses, making changes on the fly to out think the other teams and also to bring in your best creative efforts – these are but a few reasons why our customers have called this as “not just the best team building car racing activity but the best team building activity in India”

Key Business Benefits:

  • Understanding project management
  • Out think and out maneuver competition
  • Working with diverse teams for a common goal
  • Branding and marketing
  • Understanding competitors and planning strategies

Formula Fun complements best with: 

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Numbers: 50 – 300
Time: 3 hours
Location: Outdoors
Approach: Strategic and Competitive
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